Back on the horse, so to speak

In college I did a little rowing – a semester and a half, or so. It was a dream of mine, and one of the highlights of my college experience. I was an NCAA athlete and everything.

After being inspired by the book The Boys in the Boat, I am joining a rowing club in Seattle – Lake Union Crew. I am excited to get back on the water with an oar (or two) in my hands.

Been a while…

Life got busy there, and I had a lot to focus on:

  • Moving back to Seattle, getting settled and enjoying the city I love
  • Getting married… and all that comes with that (which is a lot)
  • Work

I am hoping to get back to this and writing more. There is so much out there to think about and dig into, just not the time to synthesize it into a post.

There’s One More Thing…

I picked up my iPhone and opened Twitter to condense all of that into 140 characters. And then I saw. It’s one of those things that’s literally unbelievable until you have no absolutely choice but to realize the truth.
Matt Buchanan, Gizmodo


I wasn’t sitting in an Apple store, I was at my desk, reading twitter on my iPad when I found out that Steve Jobs had passed away. It was as if I had been punched. A man I did not know had died, but somehow i felt it in a way I cannot explain. It felt like e future had been stole.

I honestly cannot put into words why, but his passing has really made me realize something. Steve Jobs was a hero to me.

Te first computer my family owned was a Mac. It sat in the basement for my parents to keep the family business ticking. We had a color printer that went with it, the kind that printed on long connected sheets and made a zzzzzzzzeeeet zzzzzzzzeeeet zzzzzzzzeeeet sound when it printed. I got to use very rudimentary software to make cards with it. I know now how lucky we were to have that computer. I also know that that Mac for ever changed my life.

When I got to school and got to go to the computer lab, it was a Mac I used to play Oregon Trail. And Carmen San Diego. Life further changed by a Mac.

A few years later we got a new computer – an iMac (the blue one). It had a modem and I was introduced to the Internet. It had QuickTime, and I saw my first video on the computer (Buddy Holly by Weezer). I played my first serious video game on that computer – a Star Wars flight simulator.

I remember wanting an iPod more than anything. I had a 200+ CD collection when it came out and all I wanted was all that music in my pocket. I got the 2nd gen version, with the glowing red buttons.

I watched as many “Steve-notes” as I care to remember, hanging on every word the bloggers typed, hoping for one more thing. I have sat in darkened movie theaters and marveled at the graphics of a movie, while I wiped tears from my eyes. I can’t wait to show my kids Wall-e and Toy Story 3 (so they learn to share their toys). Steve made those movies happen through Pixar.

I’ve had Macs, iPods, iPhones and now an iPad but the most important thing I got from Apple, and from Steve Jobs, was inspiration.

I work in technology, and care about technology, because of the Macs I Jed over the years, and the iPods, etc. I am where I am because of Steve Jobs (and others).

Others have great things to say about Steve Jobs, just search around and you’ll find great stories. Wired has a good roundup of eulogies, so does FastCompany. People more eloquent than I.


All I have to say is this:
Thank you Steve. For the products. For the dedication. For the hard work. For never accepting less than perfect. For the inspiration. And for being my hero.

You will be missed.

Moving, yet again

I am not, it seems, inclined to post here very often. It seems like hard work for some reason. I don’t know why. I guess I want to write long musings about the state of things, but just don’t.

So, I am picking up shop and moving to Tumblr. It’s easy, fun, and more about what I want to use a blog for… the stuff that won’t fit in 140 characters.

Find me at

See you around.


Turn up the tunes, gas up the car and head out. I love a good road trip.

I miss the freedom of college. I took a lot of good road trips in those 4 years. Canada. Ellensberg (most weekends). Palouse Falls. California.

I’m getting a little taste of roadtrips of yore today as we head to Vancouver for the second Mayer show in as many days.

Introductions all around

It seemed like the time to bring this back. It’s been a while since I had an outlet, a place to post things, and release some inner creativity. Of late, with my current lack of a job,  have felt limited by a lack of an outlet.

So here it is, a new expression of my opinions, my thoughts and probably some links to things I find interesting. I have, in the past made some attempts at blogging, though mostly unsuccessful. But I think this time might be different, but I say that every time.

So a little about me:
I am a PR professional, looking for a job in the technology, corporate or digital realm. In the past I have worked on innovative products like Microsoft Surface and Zune, electron microscopes and serious cyber security. I love technology and everything it offers and can do. Learning how things work and being able to distill that into a message that can be communicated is exciting.

I also love to eat. Seriously, love to eat. I am willing to try almost anything, once. The list of restaurants I want to try grows almost daily. Any suggestions?

Concerts are a big part of my life. Two or three times a month I find myself standing around in a dark space, bobbing my head. Like food, I’ll try anything – rock, country, alternative, blues – you name it.

I am also a big reader. The Kindle I received for my birthday has helped to rekindle (pardon the pun) my love for reading.

I can be found all over the internet:
Google Reader

I’ll be back with more soon.