Introductions all around

It seemed like the time to bring this back. It’s been a while since I had an outlet, a place to post things, and release some inner creativity. Of late, with my current lack of a job,  have felt limited by a lack of an outlet.

So here it is, a new expression of my opinions, my thoughts and probably some links to things I find interesting. I have, in the past made some attempts at blogging, though mostly unsuccessful. But I think this time might be different, but I say that every time.

So a little about me:
I am a PR professional, looking for a job in the technology, corporate or digital realm. In the past I have worked on innovative products like Microsoft Surface and Zune, electron microscopes and serious cyber security. I love technology and everything it offers and can do. Learning how things work and being able to distill that into a message that can be communicated is exciting.

I also love to eat. Seriously, love to eat. I am willing to try almost anything, once. The list of restaurants I want to try grows almost daily. Any suggestions?

Concerts are a big part of my life. Two or three times a month I find myself standing around in a dark space, bobbing my head. Like food, I’ll try anything – rock, country, alternative, blues – you name it.

I am also a big reader. The Kindle I received for my birthday has helped to rekindle (pardon the pun) my love for reading.

I can be found all over the internet:
Google Reader

I’ll be back with more soon.

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